Learn x Design 2017
The Allure of the Digital
and Beyond.

Conference programme

Call for Papers
Deadline extended
to 10th March 2017.

→ Programme Highlights: Tuesday 27th June

Register on Tuesday afternoon from 15:30 and you’ll be able to join us for a tour of the award-winning Ravensbourne building, followed by a welcome drinks reception at The Intercontinental Hotel.

→ Programme Highlights: Wednesday 28th June

Professor Linda Drew

From 9am on Wednesday, Linda Drew, Director of Ravensbourne opens LXD 2017 in her welcoming speech to delegates. Conference registration opens at 08:30.

Keynote Speech

Professor Susan Orr
University of the Arts London

From 09:30 on Wednesday, Professor Susan Orr delivers the first Keynote of LXD 2017, on the subject of designing teaching for post digital creative education.

→ Paper Session 1 — Wednesday morning

Theme — Design Skills

Combining the Digital and the Analog: Exploring unfamiliar Problem Domains through video blogs and role-playing in industrial design education.

Sense making through interaction with the app Wuwu & co. The body’s roll in learning in a Digital and Visual era.

‘I am a self taught designer’:Interviews and implications on learning of digital making in practice.

“Play” as an integral part of Design Education.

Learning Practices, Identities and roles of UX Designers on Reddit.

→ Paper Session 2 & 3 — Wednesday afternoon

Theme — Design Method / Design Thinking / Design Process

Study of Co-Creation Model and Analyses of its use benefits and applicability for design teaching.

Research-led design practice: A new approach of research through design.

Multimodal Critique: VoiceThread as an online, asynchronous feedback platform for design studio.

The Design Cognitive process using digital instruments: an enlightening design activity of secondary school pupils.

Learning to Design Together: Introducing Conditional Design as a Method for Co-Design Activities.

→ Paper Session 4 — Wednesday afternoon

Theme — Design Method / Design Thinking / Design Process

Thinking across Channels: Retail Designers’ Competencies in the context of Omni-Channel in retail.

Automating Design Education.

Personal Space Invasion in Collaborative Design.

Developing Empathy Through Virtual Immersion, Understanding the Problem Space by being in the Virtual Space.

→ Paper Session 5 — Thursday Morning

Themes — Culture & Education / e-learning

Children deconstructing the adult mastery in the Future Design Board case study; learning how to use story-making and design as tools for life.

The change and the new visibility of the e-Universities. Case study of the University of Oxford e-Branding.

Cultural Dimensions in Design Studio Pedagogy.

Make your move: Exploring a pedagogic toolkit for creative development in primary education.

→ Paper Session 6 — Thursday Morning

Themes — Culture & Education / e-learning

Developing a Consciousness of Influence through Aesthetic Engagement and Critical Inquiry.

Making distance learning visible in Virtual Design Studios.

Developing Protective Body Panels for Humanoid Emergency Response Robots: How Technology Impacts Design (and vice-versa).

Towards a culturally inclusive MOOC: a design based approach.

→ Paper Session 7 — Thursday Morning

Themes — Culture & Education / e-learning

Embedding Emotions in Learning Experience for Interactive Design.

Developing a visual voice, thinking on paper together: changing the paradigm of communicating in team settings.

Co-created Design Tools to Transform Student Induction.

→ Paper Session 8 — Thursday Afternoon

Themes — Culture & Education / e-learning

Immersion Learning to Creative Thinking: An Experimental Design Studio in a Collaborative Context.

Learning Practices, Identities, and Roles of UX Designers on Reddit.

eCollage and FEA Model as Catalysts for Idea Generation.

Investigating skill confidence as a concept to enhance learning development in online education.

Keynote Speech

→ Elizabeth (Dori) Tunstall

Elizabeth (Dori) Tunstall

Elizabeth (Dori) Tunstall is a design anthropologist, public intellectual, and design advocate who works at the intersections of critical theory, culture, and design. We also welcome her as a Keynote Speaker at LXD 2017, discussing Respectful Design: how to decolonize art and design education.

→ Paper Session 9 — Thursday Afternoon

Themes — Design Materials / Visual Thinking

Collaborating with External
Partners in Industrial Design
Education: A Review of
Success Factors.

Putting yourSELF on the line, an alternative critique on digitalization.

Free Architecture, An ethnographic approach to architecture practice.

The Promise and Challenges of Hybridizing Media Content.

Join us for Dinner on Thursday evening.

→ Paper Session 9 — Friday Morning

Themes — Design Materials / Visual Thinking

The Other User: How school design relates to creative praxis.

Unleashing Creative Confidence Through Sketchnoting.

Visual Discussions as Critical Thinking Strategies for Design Students.

Materials Alchemy: When disciplines and materials collide 2MCs.

→ Dr. Jo Twist

Dr Jo Twist

Jo is CEO of Ukie, the trade body for UK games and interactive entertainment, making the UK the best place in the world to make games. Previously, Jo was Channel 4 Commissioning Editor, Education, where she commissioned Digital Emmy-winning Battlefront II, free to play browser and iOS games and social media projects.

Jo completes our roster of Keynote speakers for LXD 2017, discussing Diversity, Games and Mixed Reality.

LXD 2017 ends on Friday lunchtime,
with a closing speech by Professor Linda Drew.

→ Meet our Speakers